30 Things to do Before I Turn 30 *TIME UP*

11:31 AM

    This past Saturday, I turned 30! I completed 15 out of 30. I will continue to complete my fun little goals.
    I did a search on some things to do before turning 30. I saw a lot of things that matched my list. I want to do some exciting, life changing things before 30 hits me! Here's my list....

Read the Bible All the Way Through
Something I want and need to do. *in Matthew Chapter 12*
 Run a 5K
This has been something I have been wanting to do for for a whole year! I will in the Hypnotic Donut Dash 5K! 1/24/15 Time Finished 54:00

Random Getaway
Lately, I've been a little overwhelmed. I want to go somewhere relax, have fun, and let my brain have some peace.
Stop Sleeping My Life Away
I love to sleep! But I wont be able to get anything done while sleeping. I wont run myself ragged, but I need to move around and do more. I get on my own nerves wanting to nap all the time. When it is needed I will nap. Complete!!!
Lose 30 Pounds
 I've lost 13lbs before I went to Costa Rica and I can do it now!!! I know it! I'm going to try really hard to get this done. I'm down 1 pants & shirt size. 1/30/15 Down 7lbs as of 5/5/15
Gluten Free
I was challenged to not eat any gluten products. I've gone four days without gluten. It hasn't been hard at all. Complete 2/16/15
Road Trip With Friends
I need to get some reliable friends who will get on the road with me! I have plenty of friends so I hope I can get them together :). 3/9-3/13
    Change the Way I Dress/Style
    I dress way too old sometimes. Yes, I know it. I try and go thrift shopping to put a cute look together. But I end of looking like who did it and what for!!! I just need to shop at a store and not think so much about money. I need to stop being cheap with myself. I'm worth every penny I work for. This is how I want to dress.
    Untitled #4back to school

    Be Okay With Doing Things By Yourself
    I really don't like to do things alone. I will but I don't like to. I like to have company, honey! I've started to be more loner like, but not really. Here is what is boils down too: Don't think that friends or family to will want to do what I want to do. Do it by yourself and move on! I later went to San Francisco 2/2016, and moved to Taiwan in 10/17/2016
    Go to a 5 Star Restaurant
    I went to Hibiscus Saturday evening, to celebrate my friend new adventure moving to a new state. She suggested we order lamb shanks as an appetizer. It was the perfect start to our night! The chef put it foot in that order of lamb shanks! I've had lamb before but not like these. It was slightly sweet, crispy coating, very tender, and flavorful. The carrot cake was topped with cream cheese, a sweet carrot chip, spiced carrot puree, and candies nuts. I loved the presentation of both dishes. They even thanked me on Instagram! Thanks @hibiscusdallas! 2/21/15

    Choreograph a Dance Routine
    I created a routine to Fergie-L.A. This video will be posted soon! 1/3/2015
    Visit Bethel
    I want to visit the one in New York, but any one of them will do! Going in September 2015
    Successful Blog
    It's successful to me!
    Start Pay Off Debt
    UGH!!! Why did I do this to myself! I'll be finished paying off my car in 4 months. Now to tackle 6/26/15
    Keto Diet for a week►After three days my stomach is so much flatters.
    Don't eat out for a Week
    I still have to try the best restaurants in Dallas! (o-o)
17.Stick to better eating habits (Bread and sweets are my weakness!!) I'm starting this now
18. Do something spontaneous.
19. Have a cooking Channel on YouTube. Coming soon!
20. Make every recipe Cake Doctor book.
21. Try 5 of the best restaurants in Dallas
Jonathon's OakCliff

Ellen Kitchen I didn't like it too much. But the food looked good( (but it was tasteless) and the place was pretty. My full review is on Yelp, and Google maps.

Mike Anderson's BBQ 12/22/14

Angelo's 1/23/15

23. Cook a big meal for family or friend. 3/10/15
24. Get rid of clutter 12/18/2017
25. Sell my cookie mix in a jar on Instagram or to anyone! Complete!!

26. Have a garage sale/10/25/14
27. Karaoke Night with the girls! 12/26/14

Even though I would love to be in a Flash Mob! ↓ I don't see this happening in Dallas.

I signed up with Flash Mob America and Dallas Flash Mobs

28. Get a henna tattoo

29. Watch all the movies in my Netflix queue. *200 more to go.....*1/12/15

30. Get into a concert for free10/17/14. Went to American Authors Concert ☺

Please share some of your thoughts on what I should do. I would love to hear them! I will update this post frequently with pictures of my accomplishments.

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