Monday, May 4, 2015

Weina and Krystal Take Dallas

I'm very late on this post! I took my Chinese language partner to get a REAL burger. Somehow or another she managed to eat a burger from Kroger's. She complained that is was so nasty and she didn’t want to try another burger. I asked her "Who buys a burger from Kroger's!?! That's why is didn't taste good! I didn't even know Kroger sold burgers! I will take you to a burger joint." She says “will these burgers be like McDonald's?” I told her "Oh my goodness, No! This burger will blow your mind!


We went to Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Dallas. This is one of my favorite places to get a big juicy burger! I had the Classic with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese. She has a regular burger. I cut her a wedge of my burger so she could taste the goodness of a custom built burger. While we were eating I asked, "好吃?" Which pretty much means, "Is it good?" or "Do you like it?" She says, "非常非常好吃?" Which means, "I like it very much!" We ate our burgers and delicious fries like two hungry dogs. After burgers we went shopping. She had never gone into Forever 21 or H&M, and had gelato from Paciugo.
This outing was a huge success! More to come on the Adventures of Weina and Krystal Take Dallas!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Second Worst Day of My Life

Yesterday, I felt was the worst day ever. I asked the nurse to check my blood pressure because my doctor wanted me to monitor it.

First time on left arm 160/112

Second on left arm 159/98

Third on right arm 160/103

They wanted to call rapid response but my co-worker who is a nurse talked them out of it. So I had to schedule to see my doctor that day. I came back down to the office on the verge of tears and called my mom. I felt extremely scared, and full of anxiety. I was so nervous I couldn’t eat. After speaking with my mom, I called my sister. The first time in years… she answers her phone on the first call, when I really needed her to. I told her and she tried calming me down as she always does. She asked me, "do you know what this means?" I said, "yes." Then she told me it’s time to make drastic changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. I definitely agree.

I had an appointment at the doctor’s office and was diagnosed with hypertension. My plan is to reverse this diagnosis with diet and exercise. Stay tuned.
But it could be worst... This is something I can fix!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baked Spaghetti & French Apple Tart

Hello Foodies!!

I had friends visiting from California this week. They sent me an email requesting that I cook. I was so happy they asked me! I asked what they wanted to eat and spaghetti made the list. Just so happens, I posted a bake spaghetti with meatballs recipe on my Facebook page, the week prior to their visit.

Baked Spaghetti
Salad- Tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, green onions, red bell pepper, salad onions, and bacon bits
Garlic bread
French apple Tart with Coffee

This was my first attempt at making this dish. I was a tiny bit nervous that is wouldn't turn out right. But guess what? It did!!! Both came out beautifully and tasted even better. Man, I love food!!

I got the idea for making this simple and easy dessert from Bruno Albouze cooking/baking channel! I love his channel!
I didn't have a mandolin. I did everything by hand except make the crust. I wish I had a piece now! This was so delicious!!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Best of Dallas

 Hello Foodies!! I've been super busy traveling, working, and creating. I have a few restaurants that I think you should give a try. This list will be updated often. So, please continue to check back!


Best Chinese Food

Canton Chinese

400 N Greenville Ave
Ste 25
Richardson, TX 75081


Best Breakfast

Jonathan's Oakcliff

1111 N Beckley Ave
Dallas, TX 75203 Oak Cliff  

Dream Cafe

2800 Routh St
Ste 170

Dallas, TX 75201

Best Coffee Shop:

White Rock Coffee

10105 E NW Hwy
Dallas, TX 75238 Lake Highlands       

Best Seafood Place

20 Feet Seafood Joint

1160 Peavy Rd
Dallas, TX 75218       

Best Italian Food

Mama Mia's

Deep Ellum
2935 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226

Best Burger

Flaming Burger

11255 Garland Rd Ste 101A


Hopdoddy Burger Bar
6030 Luther Ln
Ste 100

Dallas, TX 75225

The Classic Loaded to my liking!


Best Bakery

5531 E University Blvd, Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 951-9077


Stratos Greek Tavern
What restaurants do you think I should try? Leave a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

White Rock Coffee

White Rock Coffee is the best small coffee shop in Dallas. To compare their cup of coffee to a cup with a green logo, this wins hands down.  Upon entering, the flavorful coffee aroma hits your nose with a very satisfying smell. The aroma picks your body up, and you float across the room. Notice the picture→

The inside of this hidden gem, is very spacious. The baristas look very happy to work with each other and service is very quick. They are very knowledgeable about every drink on the menu. When you decide to get a real coffee fix... just pick one of my favorites:
Adam Bomb coffee iced or blended with white chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee beans
White Rocker coffee blended with caramel and white chocolate
Almond Mocha with almond syrup blended
Charlie Brown coffee hot (secret ingredients)
Caramel Slam coffee blended with caramel and milk; topped with whipped cream

Three of the main reasons you should come: Friendly fast service, you can taste the difference in each coffee drink, and free wifi/live music!

Drive thru window shot, of come of the coolest bistra/bistros on the planet!

Caramel Slam
Iced White Rocker
Almond Blended