Tasting Starfruit At Work

2:28 PM

This past weekend I went to the Asian Market in Plano. It's called Ranch 99 and it is full of different tasty foods. I had gone before and I saw the starfruit, but I was scared to try it. I came into work and asked my co-worker would she try it with me. She said "Of course"! Asking her to try it with me gave me the POWER!!!! *starts rapping and dancing to Snap I Got The Power*
 Ok, I'm done with my 3:50 for dancing! Back to the starfruit. Once I brought it to work I realized... Do I even know how to eat this fruit? Do I have to peel it? I got on YouTube and searched How to eat a starfruit. I found this lady who showed me how to peel and eat the fruit. Something about her reminds me of Mr. Furly from Three's Company. Anyway, watch it till the end. LOL, she starts dancing. LOVE IT!
I noticed that startfuit comes in many colors. The reddish orange are the ripe ones. I wish I had waited till mine changed color. I was just so excited and didn't have knowledge about it. Now I DO!!!

Below is the starfruit I purchased. Yes, this is my work desk. Yes, my desk has been sanitized. First you will wash your hands and then your fruit.
Then you cut off the edges. I'm not sure what to call them. Look at the picture and the video and you will figure it out.
Cut off the tail pieces. As soon as you do, you will see that beautiful star shape. It smells fresh and crisp!
See all that juice!!! Fruit smoothies coming up next!

Let's talk taste and then I'll leave you be! It was just like a gala/green apple without the sourness. It has a fresh after taste kind of like a cucumber. If you are in to fruit, different cultures, or just new tasty foods. This is a MUST TRY! And it is beautiful!

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