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Hello All,

It has been a long time since I've updated you on my life and things. I've been doing things on my own and am very proud of myself! Since my last post, I've been to San Francisco (by myself), Houston, and I've applied for the Huayu Scholarship to study Mandarin abroad (by myself).

My first visit to San Francisco, California and I absolutely LOVED it! Brooklyn and San Fran are my favorite cities so far. While in San Fran, I visited so many places. I was so amazed at how close the houses and businesses were to each other. On Lombard Street with all the hard turns and curves. In the video is Alcatraz. I didn't get to visit but I will on my next visit! The design of the building was very elegant to me. Fisherman's Wharf was pretty cool!  We ate at Fisherman Grotto and I didn't like it at all. It was very bland! No taste at all! Riding BART like a BOSS!! It was cold and I had to wear my fushia head scarf. My favorite bakery in San Fran so far!! Good ol Devil's Teeth ! I bought the breakfast sandwich, the super larger cinnamon roll, and a lemon bar. I asked the guy in the back for some jelly. They had raspberry jelly with the seeds in and I loved it! So delicious!! My mouth right now is watering.... Took me 4 days to finish this. It was too much sweet at once.  Golden Gate Bridge!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!

 I visited the Chinese Kingdom Halls and went to China Town. Or should I say Cantonese town, lol.

 This place Pho Phu Quoc PPQ Beef Noodle House made up for the horrible place I ate before. Best Pho I've ever had!!

 Ocean's Beach

 This Chinese Italian Gelato place surprised me. They have made the flavors their own. Black sesame seed, Guava, Pistachio, Durian, Lychee, and so much more! I will visit Marco Polo Ice Cream again,as well.

 Met David through Uber. He is from Brazil and he is the first Brazilian I've ever met. Thanks for the ride David!
 This is my very sad ride home. I didn't want to leave San Fran!!! I will visit you again!!!

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