State Fair Of Texas Must Try

7:27 AM

Last night I went to the Texas State Fair with a fabulous food critic Dallas Foodie. Even though I've lived in Dallas my entire life and gone to the fair each year. She showed me everything I didn't know about my state fair. That is a shame, ain't it!

Our selfie after we created a plan of foods we both wanted to eat.

Lets talk food... first stop Lone Star Blvd for a cup of REFILLABLE sweet tea and Fried Grilled Cheese with Tomato sauce. I don't ever have to get the grilled cheese sandwich. It was tasty in the tomato sauce but not that great without it to me.

The Sweet Tea is 4 tickets and the refill is 2 tickets. You have to keep your cup to get the 2 ticket refills.

Next stop... Grand Ave for last years winner (I think) the Cuban Roll and this years winner the Texas Bluebonnet. Both a must try!


The Bluebonnet and the Cuban Roll were so delicious! The roll would be great for selling in the freezer department in any store. The bluebonnet makes you want the recipe to make at home.

We took a break and watched the parade.

 Then headed for Peach N Creme! My all time favorite! I must have it every year.

 Look at the whipped cream with the raspberry sauce, and the little cup of cinnamon milk. It is SO freaking delicious!!!!

Right after throwing that down our throats. We hurried over to see the light/water show at 8pm. It was awesome! My first time ever catching it. Dallas Foodie was very helpful and full of fair knowledge!! Check out my clips of the show!

 Tell me what is your favorite State Fair Food be low!

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