Stovetop Popcorn!

9:05 AM

*For all the people who follow me on Instagram, I apologize for saying I would post on Monday. I had a funeral to attend and I forgot.*
As most good cooks/bakers know, the best food is homemade. It's also fun to make your own popcorn. Make caramel ball or Kettle corn, cinnamon chocolate. I mean there are endless possibilities!
4 TBSP Orville Redenbacher Butter Flavor Popping Oil 16 Oz
1 C Popcorn Kernels
Salt-to taste
Melted Butter-as much as you like
Optional:Other Seasoning
Deep Wide Pot

In a cold pot, add the oil and popcorn. Make sure all kernels are coated with the oil and cook on medium high heat. Next time I will heat the oil first. This was my first time using a cold pot and oil. What was I thinking!?! It took about 10 minutes for my first kernel to pop. *Heat the pot first* No one wants to wait forever to have popcorn! Don't make my mistake.
I added a little salt here.

The kernels are starting to change color after years of waiting. Simply because I didn't heat the pot!
Once the first kernel pops. Put the lid and oven mitt on. Then keep sliding the pot back and forth over the heat until all kernels are popped. This is the very loud part.
After a few minutes, you will have a pot full of popcorn!
Pour into a large bowl and add the melted butter and seasonings.

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