Hypnotic Donuts Review

12:15 PM

Lately I've been on a donut and coffee kick. I want to try the best donuts in Dallas and I'm willing to travel. On Sunday, I made a trip to Hypnotic Donuts. I've read so many reviews and want to taste the donuts. I have a thing for "out of the ordinary" sweets. When I pulled into the parking lot... I sat there talking with my friend. I look up and I see a line and I'm like "oh no!" I said, "I didn't drive here for nothing! We are going in!!"

We go in and right away a donut lady/waistress (not sure what title to call her) gave us a menu.  The menu was on an old record cover. To me it just fit the whole vibe of this place. Very artsy, as well as the customers. I instantly fell in love! If you guys didn't know already, I'm very artsy.

I loved the cafe feel of the donut shop! Sometimes you don't want to get donuts and run. You want to sit, eat, and drink coffee! This is the feature I love the most about this cafe.
This wonderful guy named Jed helped me with my order. He was in front of me↑.I tapped him on the shoulder...and in a cute sweet little voice I said "What is the best donut to order?" He says "Guerrilla Warfare". I look at the menu and I see chocolate/peanut butter and thought "oh no, I don't like chocolate and peanut butter together". He goes on to say the Breakin' Bad, and Peace'stachio". I bought everything he said, and the Zoo Ropa.
In the 1st bite of this donut...a single tear came out of my eye. It was SO good. I was so happy. Who knew a donut could be this delish. WHO KNEW!?! I do now. It had a surprise crunch of walnuts, and the chocolate and peanut butter drizzle was hitting all the right spots in my mouth. This is a MUST TRY!
I really enjoyed this donut. So on my instragam (@realtalkrealfoodblog), my friend tagged me in a post of the donuts she bought, because of my ratings on it. I asked her what she thought:

←"I had the breaking bad, half a peace-tatio, and half a expresso ya self, (saving the other halves for later). All 3 we're delicious. The donut itself is really moist and doesn't feel like other cake donuts I've had which start tasting like lard after a while. A huge plus for me is that the topping, which included salted caramel, a coffee icing, and a house icing  don't over power the donut since they're not overly sweet. They give each other a perfect balance. I think it speaks for itself when you have your mom licking frosting off her shirt so "it wont go to waste."
This is how I looked eating the donuts!
This was my least favorite ↑.I liked the donut but not the topping.

The other cool thing was...everyone I asked could I get a picture of them for my site, said "Yes!" They happliy posed for the phone camera! I loved the folks in there!! This place gets
From me!

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