Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Mix in a Jar Results

7:35 AM

This will not be a long post today. I just wanted to show you guys the finished results of cookie mix in a jar. It's so simple! Instead of having the drawn out way of making cookies. Just put everything in a jar. Then when your ready to have something tasty get your three extra ingredients.

All you will need to make these cookies are:

1 Jar of Cookie Mix 
1 tsp of Vanilla Paste or Extract
1 Egg
1 Stick of butter


I used a blender to work the butter and eggs in well.
Mash it together.
Wrap the cookie dough in parchment paper and put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

I put the left overs in a plastic bag and put it into the freezer.

Just beautiful and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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