Monterrey Mexican Restaurant Review

1:25 PM

My friend and I went to an authentic Mexican restaurant called Monterrey's. I've never had real Mexican food until that night. The restaurant is in a sketchy looking neighborhood. But once you get inside it's nice, spacious and good for groups. The decorate is all over the place, but I enjoyed the beautifully painted murals. They were breath taking!
Chips with Very Spicy Green/Mild Salsa, & Chicken Bean Nachos which were okay tasting to me. I wouldn't have to order the chicken nachos again.

This was an off the menu special that the waitress ordered for me. Mexican Cheese Enchiladas with Potatoes, Rice, and Beans. I've never had a dish like this before! The rice had corn mixed in and the cheesy enchiladas were so flavorful. The lime added an extra boost to this fantastic dish!
My friend ordered Marinated Grilled Chicken with Rice. The chicken was tender, juicy, and grilled to perfection.  The taste of the marinated chicken, tomatoes covered with cheese was pure heaven in my mouth. After having both, I couldn't decide which dish was better. I would order either of these dishes again.

 I would most definitely come again! 
Shout out to our wonderful waitress, Lorena! Even thought she couldn't speak English well, and everything was translated. I still enjoyed the food, and the Spanish lesson! She did an awesome job!

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