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It’s been a year and six months since my last entry. Boy, I’ll tell you a lot has changed! I was extremely stressed out by my last job. My supervisor was the WORST. The company was very small and the owner didn’t do anything about my problem with her. After being accused of something I didn’t do and my favorite co-worker (who is 58) was told not to talk to me. I had a huge panic attack caused by my anger. (It was some serious workplace bullying) I went to the ladies room to calm down. I decided after that day I would not work for a company who did not have concerns for their employees. On December 31, 2013 at 11:55pm I sent in my resignation via email. This is what happened when I hit send

This is how I danced that special night!
#Goodforherandme #Iquit #forgetthempeople #happier   I had typed it up in October of 2013. I didn’t give them a 2 weeks notice! For people you don't leave a notice... They have to be mistreated. I was the best receptionist that company had ever had. OK, I’m not going to go on about this. I felt FABULOUS after I quit. I danced, screamed, laughed, and told my Facebook and Instagram friends I was FREE! It was the best feeling I felt in a while. I had gotten a temp job at a very upscale hospital getting paid way better.

Now I have been living a little bit of my dream! I’ve had a chance to intern in a famous cupcake shop in Dallas. I’ve had many days were I stayed up late and slept late. I’ve been able to throw myself into learning Chinese and volunteering at the Chinese cultural center in Richardson. I’ve made a lot of new Chinese and Taiwanese friends. I’ve gone to Houston to the Taiwanese alumni meeting and was appointed the vice president over their social networks. I also, applied for the Huanyu scholarship program. This gives people who are very serious about learning, Mandarin, a chance to study in Taiwan. Visithttp://www.edutw.org/english/scholarships/to find out more about their scholarships, and like us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/#!/TaiwanAlumniSUS.

I’m at work now and it is STRESS FREE and I'm loving it! Anyone who stubble's upon this blog remember this.... Do not stay at a job where the employer doesn't care about you or your health. Come up with a plan and act on that plan. If you interested in how I quit, let me know and I will blog about it. I will put my resignation on here as well. I had 3 plans worked out. The first 2 didn't work but 3 did!! I will go into details on my plans and what happened afterwards.

 Resignation Letter⇩

(Your Name Here)
(Your Address Here)
October 8, 2013 ( I had this written up and saved in my email.)
Customer Service Supervisor
(Company's Name and Address)
Dear (Name):
Please consider this as my resignation from my position as your Receptionist, effective immediately.
Although I have enjoyed working with you and have learned a great deal, I would really like to operate in a wider management sphere, and since you have not been willing to provide this opportunity, I feel that I should seek a position that allows greater freedom to make decisions and to function more independently. As you know, my job has not changed in the five years I have been with you. I feel the need to grow professionally as well as financially.
I have discussed my management aspirations with several counselors in Dallas, and all stressed that growth in any company is needed.
Thank you for all your help.
(Your Name)
(Current Position Title)

I've learned from working for that company is you know what you do not want from your next job. Don't be afraid to ask how the co-workers get along in your job interview.

PEACE! #ducklips #monalisa
As you can see I didn't name the company or the terrible people involved. One must remember to always be a lady!

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