Floss In My Apple Pie?

8:43 AM

As many of you might know, I love trying new things and recipes. I was surfing the web and found a recipe for apple pie were you didn't have to peel the apples. I thought that sounds a little strange since apple skin is tough. So I followed the recipe, and made a Texas/Cowboy hat craving in the crust. It was so pretty!! The whole purpose for making these pies was to try and show my skills on a recipe I've never tried before. I know I'm just crazy, lol! Why didn't I just stick to something I've already done?? No clue...smh.

I took these pies to the gathering for our international friends that came to visit from South Africa, Chile, Mexico, and China. I was super excited to meet them. Just the thought of they might eat my pies!! So, I get to the hall and there are a million pies! There was a lot of everything really. We do it really big in Texas! Anyway, I'm telling everyone... try my pies and cake (while looking like this ►).
No one got a chance to try my pies :(. Which I ended up being very thankful about :). I took them back home and tried a piece later that night. That first bite was so tasty and flavorful! But wait... is this floss in my teeth? NO, its apple skin! Tough cut your gums up apple skin!!! Now you know why I was so happy I took these suckas back home. It was like chewing on plastic with long pieces of floss attached. It was a hot mess!
Moral of this story... If it sounds a little strange it is!

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