Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

12:01 PM

In February of 2014 I heard from my roommate that there was a scholarship for American citizens to learn Mandarin in Taiwan. I was thrilled because I love everything about the Asian culture and I've been learning Mandarin here for years. I felt I was at a standstill because I wasn’t learning and retaining the information like I wished. So I decided to apply for the Hauyu EnrichmentScholarship. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, if I got the scholarship. I went through the process of the filling out the HES application and sent everything off. I didn't get the scholarship that year and decided that I would get a job, pay off my car, and try again for 2016.

Even though I didn't get the scholarship my roommate and I went to Houston for the Taiwan Alumni Reunion. I got to meet so many wonderful people! Most of them have visited/lived in Taiwan. Plenty of them also received the scholarship. I hope to be that person this time around.

Once I got back to Dallas, I decided I was going to immerse myself in as much Chinese as I could. I met Alice and David Wong. I started working and my job offers an international language program. By being in this program I met Weina, Yanmin and their roommates.

I was walking down the hall and heard a Mandarin conversation and couldn't help but join in. By joining in I met Mingzhu, and Jie!←

All my language partners have returned to China. I just received information on my third language partner. I learn so much from this program and I'm happy there is a scholarship for interested people, like myself to learn Mandarin in a foreign land! If I am excepted to receive the HES Scholarship I plan to study Mandarin and help people I meet in the United State learn English!

Right now, I'm happily filling out the application and hopefully I will be chosen to learn Mandarin in Taiwan at the Mandarin Training Center!

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