2:24 PM

Young woman experiencing cramping.
It started around the same time I learned I have high blood pressure. I notices my cycles started to get heavy. I called my OB-GYN and told her what was happening. She called in a prescription for Progesteron and Iron to go along with my Nexplanon. Months roll by and now my cycle is going for two weeks. I call my doctor and I go in for another pap, which is the worst while on your cycle. Dr. Pao says, "You are just having the worst time! You're not supposed to have a cycle with the Nexplanon." She pulls my chart reads over it, and then does the exam. She says "I believe your fibroid has grown and that is why you’re having so much trouble. I'm going to send you to have a sonogram to make sure." I wait for the results... sure enough my fibroid. Is the size of a tennis ball and I have a cluster of smaller ones. She tells me I will need to have surgery. 

Well, surgery is tomorrow at 8am. I will have Myomectomy to remove the fibriods. Am I scared? Yes. Am I feeling great health wise? No. These fibroids have been the worst. It is pressing on my bladder, colon, and stomach. I constantly have to use the restroom,  I'm mostly nauseated, and forever tired!

Am I ready for the surgery? 


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