Brooklyn New York

2:11 PM

These past couple weeks I have been busy traveling, and catching up with friends and everything else. I'm looking forward to my upcoming life of traveling. Asia is the next stop on my destination vacation! I'm planning on visiting Taiwan, China, South Korea, and maybe Japan on a month long trip.
 Recently, my family and I visited Brooklyn, New York. My main reason was to see Brooklyn Bethel. We ate at some wonderful restaurants and Junior's bland food wasn't one of them. This was indeed the best trip I've ever taken!! Enjoy this fabulous-ness!!!

We stayed at the newly built hotel call the Dazzler. The smell of the hotel is heavenly! They have to iron out a few things and the hotel will be even better in the future. Example, they have an ice bucket in the room but there isn't a place to get ice but the kitchen. The attendant had to send someone up to get the bucket and then they return it to you. Next, the shower didn't have a door and that was the way it was designed but water got all over the floor. The breakfast is delicious but it isn't organized. Cartons of juice, plates everywhere, and rags from cleaning. That hotel is fancy but they didn't think everything out. Copy from another hotel and get it all the way in order. Overall, I loved the hotel and would stay there again.

Dinner at the most delicious place in Brooklyn, Mangoseed!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina is one awesome Hostess!
 Jerk Chicken Pasta

 Tonya picked out all our dinner. Nice meeting you hon!!

My favorite part of New York was the lower Manhattan's CHINA TOWN


Random model in China Town
This place you must visit while in China town! The Taiwan Pork Chop House!!!
Salt and Pepper Chicken

Dinner at Forno Rosso Pizzeria

Last day in Brooklyn 

View from the Brooklyn Pomade

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Best Uber driver EVER!!

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