Rainbow/Crayola Party

9:47 AM

I saw the post on Pinterest about the rainbow cakes. Pinterest is EVERYTHING!!! I just love that site. Back to the story... My sister and I decided to have many kids and their parents for a fun party.
 I made this delicious super sweet cake.  Rainbow Madness
 Here is the recipe:
 2 boxes white cake mix,
 2 boxes vanilla pudding mix (3.4 oz)
2 c Oil
1 c Milk or Water
4 Eggs
Mix it all together
 I used the Cake Doctor recipe for white cake and I recommend you get this book if you like to cut corners. I got the book as a gift and I use it a lot Cake Doctor!
- Food coloring from Michaels or Hobby Lobby
I bought blue, red, and yellow to make all of the other colors. It was hard to mix purple so you may want to buy that.
This is the kind you need to use for bold cake color layers
Homemade frosting from butter not shortening. I used this recipe Add A Pinch

Even though this cake was super time consuming and hard work. It came out Just beautiful!

It was very moist, sweet, and colorful!!

Our candy table.

My sister went all out on the kid stuff. My nephew (the one with the open mouth) was having fun with his cousin.

This was extremely hard work. The cake, blowing up the balloons, entertaining, dancing, taking pictures, gifts for the kids....ect. But man it was FUN!!!

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