Post-Op Myomectomy

11:48 AM

Two months after the surgery and I'm doing very well. All my scars have healed, I'm back at work, and I'm feeling great! No more tiredness, sleeping all day, bleeding, cramping, frequent restroom visits, nausea, and no more pads! Just thinking back and visioning how scared I was. The surgery was so smooth and I didn't have time to be afraid at all.

This is a picture of my uterus. The top is the tennis ball size fibroid. It was 3 fibroids in one clump. the second picture shows the fibroids removed.

I had to be at the hospital so early! But as you can see I was all smiles with the anesthesiologist! My I was telling him that I didn't want any blood during this operation. He was okay I wont girl! LOL, so funny to me and my family. He gave me some calming/sleep meds and I didn't even know it was going to put me to sleep.

This video below shows how I didn't have any time to trip out and cry. One tear came out of my eye. I was sleep as soon as I was transferred onto the operating table.
Here are my sealed incision sites. I have three in total and one in my navel. I'm swollen here and the incision site still itch and sometimes ache. But way better than before!!

 I've very happy with the doctor my Dr. Julie Pao (GYN) recommended. I ask Dr. Heffernan about a bloodless myomectomy. He explained he was using a robotic machine and it would be minimal blood loss. He was very calm and very skilled in his work. I was so thankful that I took him, his surgery scheduler, my GYN, and her assistant cookie mix in a jar!

Thanks to you both!!
about the surgery or fibroid? Feel free to ask me                             in the comments!

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