Cajun Shrimp and Tilapia Recipe

2:28 PM

I took my mother to Alligator Cafe seafood restaurant in Garland. It was our first visit and we liked it very much. I felt I could recreate the meals if I could find the right recipe to modify.  I went to Allrecipe and looked up "Cajun shrimp".  Here's what you will need to make MY recipe.This was a super easy recipe and fun.

I didn't measure any of the ingredients. For the measurement please stick to the Allrecipe for guidance. I will add my measurements at a later time.

Cajun Seasoning:
Red Pepper Flakes
Slap Yo Mama or any Cajun mix seasoning you have
Shrimp De-viened
Olive Oil

Cream Sauce:
Heavy whipping cream
1/4 stick Butter
Crumbs left behind from fish and shrimp

Heat the skillet and add the butter. Let it melt and add the heavy whipping cream and stir up all those flavorful crumbs from the fish and shrimp. Let it simmer until thick about 7 minutes. Be sure to stir often.

The spinach I prepared would make Popeye extremely strong!
2 tsbp Garlic
1/2 c diced onions
1 tsbp of Olive oil

Heat the skillet over medium high heat. Add olive oil, garlic, and onion. Cook till the onion is transparent (clear). Add the spinach and toss it with the onion and garlic. Saute for 5 to 7 minutes or until done.

These pictures ↓ are from Alligator Cafe. This was my inspiration right here!!

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