Second Worst Day of My Life

11:39 AM

Yesterday, I felt was the worst day ever. I asked the nurse to check my blood pressure because my doctor wanted me to monitor it.

First time on left arm 160/112

Second on left arm 159/98

Third on right arm 160/103

They wanted to call rapid response but my co-worker who is a nurse talked them out of it. So I had to schedule to see my doctor that day. I came back down to the office on the verge of tears and called my mom. I felt extremely scared, and full of anxiety. I was so nervous I couldn’t eat. After speaking with my mom, I called my sister. The first time in years… she answers her phone on the first call, when I really needed her to. I told her and she tried calming me down as she always does. She asked me, "do you know what this means?" I said, "yes." Then she told me it’s time to make drastic changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. I definitely agree.

I had an appointment at the doctor’s office and was diagnosed with hypertension. My plan is to reverse this diagnosis with diet and exercise. Stay tuned.
But it could be worst... This is something I can fix!

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