White Rock Coffee

4:54 PM

White Rock Coffee is the best small coffee shop in Dallas. To compare their cup of coffee to a cup with a green logo, this wins hands down.  Upon entering, the flavorful coffee aroma hits your nose with a very satisfying smell. The aroma picks your body up, and you float across the room. Notice the picture→

The inside of this hidden gem, is very spacious. The baristas look very happy to work with each other and service is very quick. They are very knowledgeable about every drink on the menu. When you decide to get a real coffee fix... just pick one of my favorites:
Adam Bomb coffee iced or blended with white chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee beans
White Rocker coffee blended with caramel and white chocolate
Almond Mocha with almond syrup blended
Charlie Brown coffee hot (secret ingredients)
Caramel Slam coffee blended with caramel and milk; topped with whipped cream

Three of the main reasons you should come: Friendly fast service, you can taste the difference in each coffee drink, and free wifi/live music!

Drive thru window shot, of come of the coolest bistra/bistros on the planet!

Caramel Slam
Iced White Rocker
Almond Blended

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