A MUST see movie!

10:56 AM

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of  Shadows is a GREAT movie! I love the whole cast. Robert Downey Jr. does an excellent job! Robert and Jude Law are so freaken cute! This movie just did it for me I was glued the whole 2 hr and 15mins. The costumes he had on...Very Funny! Oh and a few helpful sites to get a great deal on movies tickets are www.livingsocial.com, www.fandango.com, and www.travalzoo.com. Watch out for the 2 tickets for $12 on Travel and Living, and you can only use them on Fandango website which I love. A few more pointers when going to the movies. Stop at the gas station or store and get some snacks/drink/chips and throw them in your purse and that cuts out the $8 candy they sell at the theater. Make sure you open the chips to let the air out and then put them in your purse.

Take a break from life and watch this movie.


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