The End of Krystal and Weina Take Dallas

6:55 AM

Image result for ice cream in china on coneEach time I see my good friend, we embark on  an adventure. I want her to have the best memories of the US. She loves ice creams very much, so I took her to Braums. She explained that in China the ice cream is so expensive. It is small scoop on a small cone for around $6. Something similar to this but smaller scoop. →

When she ordered the ice cream she was giddy with excitement. She whispers to me "what does it taste like?" I asked the the guy for a sample of the flavor she wanted. Her eyes had gotten so big, followed by a big smile! She was SO happy and ate this huge double scoop quicker than me!!

Since our last adventures, Weina has gotten a roommate. She is from China also. She is very cool and up for any new adventure. When I arrive at their apartment... Weina is dressed like she is going out on the town! I said why are you so dressed up?? She says because I have so many nice dresses and I want to wear them. I only get to where them when we hang out. I had to laugh but she rocked her outfit, honey! They enjoyed every last bit of  Pappadeaux! We were all happy.

Weina's roommate Yanmin loves to jam out and dance to music. I got a small recording of her jamming to some tunes in my car.
On our way to the movies to see Jurassic World.
Trying new foods! Hawaiian BBQ in Dallas, TX

My language partner is going back to China. I should be very happy for her. We are both not ready for her departure.
I'm trying to make these last couple of days, the most re-memorable! Yesterday we had a ice cream party for her. Like I mentioned earlier, she LOVES ice cream!

We visited Bubba's restaurant. I wasn't so thrilled but she was.

Tuesday was our last day together. Weina, you will truly be missed! But you will see me in the near future!!

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