Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, & Freed

Everyone has been talking about these books. So I HAD to get involved. Minus all the sex the books are full of action, and drama. It's easy to picture and it will make you cry*sniff, sniff*. If your like me some of the toys/gadgets I had to look up. I thought the Dom/Sub was crazy and that no one did things like that... I was wrong lol. People do all types of kinky stuff. Google hipped me to that lol.  Here is my list of book club questions. DON'T READ THE QUESTIONS if you haven't read all three book! They give the story away. 


  1. How did you feel about Christian taking out that tampon?
  2. Would you be with a guy like Christian Grey? Why? or Why not?
  3. Did you feel the same way Ana felt about Elena (Mrs. Robinson)?
  4. Who was your favorite character? Why?
  5. Do you think Christian robbed Ana of her innocents? 
  6. The media is talking about a movie! Who do you think should play Ana and Christian? Attach a picture or link.
  7. With this being Ana's first relationship ever do you think she let Christian move her too fast? If so do  you think it was because he is so "HOT"?
  8. Do you think Ana's personality has changed over the course of the three books?
  9. How many weeks were they together before they got married?
  10. What did you think about Ana's frequent referrals to her subconscious and "inner goddess"?
  11. When Anastasia realized that Christian was getting revenge on her in the Red Room what did you think? Did you cry like me? sn: Christian is crazy
  12. What were your first thoughts when Dr. Greene told Ana she was PREGNANT!?!
  13. Did you think Ana's decision to meet Jake Hyde herself to save Mia was stupid? 
  14. What was the part you cried the most and which sex scene would you like to try?

I'm glad that E.L. James made Anastasia to be strong when she needed to be. 

Too the people that do not like the books...stop Over Think Fiction

Overall, I really liked the trilogy. Kuddos to you Mrs. James! I don't think these are just targeted for suburban moms. These books or for anyone who wants/wanted to read them too see what the fuss was about. Women don't let your male friends fool you. When your sleep they are reading it too! They like to act like it is the worst book ever but they secretly wishing to be Christian Grey. Not sure if a movie would fit these books...Get your money sweet girl! In the next book could you not over use these words: murmur, my sex, salacious, and heady. Thanks!

Feel free to add your comments to some or all the questions. This will get me through my work day lol. 

*I'm so sad I'm finished with the books* If you there is a movie to come Bradley Cooper should play Christian and Emma Stone should play Anastasia.

Notice the little hairs on his chest. and the pale skin and big eyes of Emma.
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